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Smartwave Software strives to create fun and exciting games. We currently have the following games available for download.

Puzzle Tiles - Puzzle Tiles is a fun and challenging puzzle game.
Solve each puzzle by sliding the tiles in place to form a picture. Once the picture is created, the puzzle is complete and you can move on to the next puzzle. If you feel you have mastered a level, move on to the next level. All levels are free to play but you must complete at least one puzzle in a level to unlock the next level.
This is NOT a typical slide puzzle game where a puzzle piece changes places with the blank piece. This is much better. This is more like a one-sided rubik's cube. Each row can be moved left and right. Each column can be moved up and down.
Free download from Google Play

Math Loops - Do you think you are good at math? Try this addictive game on your Android phone and see how you score. It is fun and challenging for all ages and it's a great way to improve your math skills and give your brain a work-out.
Starting with 60 seconds on the clock, you will be given a set of numbers (around the loop) and an answer (in the middle of the loop). Select numbers to form an equation that equals the answer. Equations can use addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division but there is no need to enter an operator because the game will know which one you want to use. Bonus points are given for equations with three numbers.
For every set of numbers, there are several possible equations. However, if you get stuck, you can tap the answer to replace it with a new answer.
If you score high enough, you will earn an achievement loop. The higher you score, the higher achievement loop you will receive.
Free download from Google Play

Piggy Pop - Flying pigs fall from the sky in this fun adventure. Your job is to shoot those pigs by steering a speeding bullet into them. Watch the pigs explode into pieces as you blast them out of the sky. The game starts off easy but gets harder as you fly your bullet through the sky in an attempt to pop as many pigs as you can. The more pigs you pop, the higher you will score. Be careful to fly around the clouds. The longer you play, the faster things move. It's easy to learn yet fun and challenging so go pop those pigs!
Free download from Google Play

Stack n Roll - This is a very fun puzzle-type game. It is easy to play yet challenging enough to give your brain a good workout. See how high you can score and compare your score with other players around the world. Play the latest version of Stack n Roll for free by clicking on the 'Play Stack n Roll' tab at the top of the page.

Perfect Pitch Pursuit - If you are interested in obtaining perfect pitch (also called absolute pitch), try this game. It is designed to help people develop their musical pitch recognition skills. Level 1 is free. $9.95 to buy(register).

Spinball Swipe (for Android) - Swipe your finger to match the pattern that is drawn on the screen. See how far you can get in this puzzle-type brain game. Great memory building game and great fun! It's like a new type of the old 'Simon Says' game. Great way to have fun and improve your memory. Free download for your Android phone from Google Play.

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